Projector Screens - What You Need to Know about Types, Sizes and Setup of Projector Screens
Projector screens are still the best display surface for your projection and it's recommended you get one. If you decide to buy a projector screen, you have to deal with the choice of screen type, screen size and the aspect ratio, all of which are important for best results.This product guide will help you grapple with screen choice,
Buying Guide for Home Theatre Projectors
Practically every home has a TV set for home entertainment, but there's still a size limitation. When you want to upgrade to large-screen display with life-sized pictures, a home theatre projector is the quick answer. Get to enjoy cinema-house movie setting at home with a home theatre projector.
Epson Powerlite 2165W 3LCD Wireless 5500 Lumens Projector - Unboxed!
When presentation quality and flexibility are key considerations, you need a top quality projector as would come from Epson. Like the 5500 lumens, WXGA resolution, fully wireless Epson Powerlite 2165W projector. Get the perfect display to screen as large as 300 inches to captivate your audience.