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Shipments and returns


Packages are usually dispatched within 24 hours after confirmed receipt of payment. Depending on the weight of item and destination, our shipments are principally via ABC Transport Cargo Services, Ifex Express and Fedex Red Star Express and other carriers, depending also on the destination and the nature of the product.

If you have a preferred carrier outside this list or none of these services provides coverage to your location, it will be necessary to discuss your shipment preference and agree the terms.

Shipments via ABC and Ifex require self-pickup from their terminal by the consignee. As you would appreciate, that offers a more affordable shipment pricing. If this option is not acceptable to you, we will use Fedex or any other carrier you specify. In all cases, the consignee bears the shipment co

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees. We take special care to package shipment items carefully before submission to the carrier and will not be responsible for goods after they have been submitted to the carrier. In effect, our responsibility is extinquished when we have duly registered the package with the carrier.


We take care to provide detailed product information, including product specifications and images, as available from the product manufactuers, to enable potential customers decide if a product meets their requirement. A customer will not be entitled to return the product, just because he has changed his/her mind about it.

However, certain circumstances will justify a return and these are:

1. Where the item delivered is different from what was ordered;

2. Where the ordered product is delivered, but of a substantially different specification from what was ordered;

3. Where the delivered item is found to be defective.

Any of these grounds for a return must be brought to the notice of the comapny within 24 hours of receipt of the good(s).

When goods are to be returned for any of the stated reasons, such return must be made within 48 hours of the notification, for customers in Lagos and within one week, for customers in other locations. Goods returned must be without any damage tracable to the customer and without any defacement. The packaging must also remain in tact and in acceptable condition. The customer will bear the cost of returning the item(s).

A customer will be entitled to a prompt replacement, once the returned item has been received in the stated acceptable condition. Shipment of the replacement will be within 48 hours of receipt of the returned item and at the company's expense.

Where the company is unable to provide timely replacement, it will have the option to refund the purchase cost initially paid by the customer. 

A customer making an order is presumed to have read and understood these terms of delivery and returns. Technology Limited
Dated July 1, 2014